Toronto Lawyer David Himelfarb

Contract law, partnership law, real estate law, wills, negotiations and more.

Toronto Lawyer David Himelfarb

Contract law, partnership law, real estate law, wills, negotiations and more.

Choose with confidence

When you need a lawyer, it’s not hard to find one.

There are 50,000 in Ontario. What’s difficult, is to have the confidence to choose one lawyer with the right experience to serve your needs. And that’s why d@vid (“atdavid”) is here with his lawyer referral service in Toronto. Whether for personal or business, from wills and contracts to mergers and settlements, with a deep knowledge of who’s out there, who specializes in what, and a real understanding of your legal needs, d@vid can help.

Get counsel on counsel

When you’re looking for a lawyer, getting a referral from your brother’s girlfriend’s ex-roommate’s personal trainer perhaps isn’t your best option. When you need a lawyer, you should ask a lawyer. Our firm, d@vid, first understands your legal situation then works with you to find the legal solution that meets your needs.

What if David doesn’t do what I need?

Not connected to any law firm, d@vid is free to look high and low (as well as far and wide) for the right solution.

The firm’s founder, David Himelfarb, is a Toronto lawyer with 35-years’ experience and an expert’s understanding of the legal landscape.

We meet. We guide. We find a lawyer in Toronto, that you need. And, this consultation along with the recommendations or introductions we may provide, are all offered free of charge.

Jason Priestley shares some thoughts on the law.

Jason Priestley offers some helpful insight on situations where different legal needs might affect your choice of lawyer and how d@vid can help.


“Since incorporation in 1985, David has provided invaluable advice through critical times. Not only steeped in a thorough understanding of real estate and business law, David also displays an uncanny understanding of human nature…”

Jeffrey Wagman
Broker, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

Phone. Meet. Email. Coffee.
(Definitely Coffee.)

There’s no risk, only reward. Call or use the form to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs.

David Himelfarb LLB, LLM
Barrister & Solicitor, Attorney-at-Law
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