When you need a lawyer, it’s not hard to find one. There are 50,000 in Ontario. What’s difficult, is to have the confidence to choose the one lawyer you need. And that’s why d@vid (“atdavid”) is here. Whether for personal or business, from wills to contracts to mergers, with a deep knowledge of who’s out there, who specializes in what, and a real understanding of your legal needs, d@vid can help.

Services – Get counsel on counsel

If you're looking for a lawyer, a referral from your brother’s girlfriend’s ex-roommate’s personal trainer is hard to feel confident in. When you need a lawyer, you should ask a lawyer. Our firm, d@vid, first understands your legal situation then works with you to find the legal solution that meets your needs.

Not connected to any law firm, d@vid is free to look high and low (as well as far and wide) for the right solution.

The firm’s founder is a Toronto lawyer with 35 years experience and an expert’s understanding of the legal landscape.

We meet. We guide. We find the help you need. And, this consultation along with the recommendations or introductions we may provide, are all offered free of charge. Why free? 

“Since incorporation in 1985, David has provided invaluable advice through critical times. Not only steeped in a thorough understanding of real estate and business law, David also displays an uncanny understanding of human nature...”

–  Jeffrey Wagman, Broker, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

“David, I wanted to thank you for solving a tricky problem for me. I sought a solution from several sources, but when I sought out your counsel, you instinctively knew the easiest, quickest, most inexpensive way to get the answer I wanted and needed. I followed your advice exactly and obtained a fantastic result, just as you predicted. I cannot thank you enough David. For anyone with a legal problem, I highly recommend David's knowledgeable and effective advice.

David got to the heart of the matter instantly and devised a tactical path that was not self-evident but extremely effective.”

– Lorne Rose Architect Inc.

» “Invaluable advice...” – Jeffrey Wagman, Broker, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

David Himelfarb has been the corporate lawyer for Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. since he incorporated the company on March 1st, 1985.

Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., commenced operations with two agents working out of a small office on Lonsdale Avenue, in Forest Hill Village, in Toronto. The company has grown to 18 offices in Ontario, with 750 agents.

David has provided our company and a large number of our agents, and clients, with invaluable advice that we have heavily relied upon at very critical times. Not only is David steeped in a thorough understanding of real estate and business law, he also displays an uncanny and innate understanding of human nature and psychology. David has assisted and been at our side through every stage of expansion of the company. He has been involved with strategic planning, contract negotiations, as well as dispute resolutions. He is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

David has a no nonsense approach and he tells us exactly what we need to know without dancing around the issue. 

In those cases where David did not undertake the specific legal task at hand, he made certain that we found just the right legal practitioner or other professional to assist; and, David stayed involved in the process to completion to ensure that there were no loose ends. It was a great comfort and of great assistance to have someone at our side who personally cared about the outcome of the matter.

I am able to recommend David, and the services he offers, without reservation and in the absolute knowledge that any client will be well served with David’s advice and assistance in resolving any legal problem.   

I have known David Himelfarb for a very long time and I know him to be a very passionate, devoted, intelligent, honest and creative individual and lawyer.

Jeffrey Wagman
Broker, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.


» “At our sides for decades.” – Barbie and Brian Casselman, Barbie Casselman Inc.; Casselman & Co.

David has been our lawyer for decades and has been at our side during all of our legal dealings.

David has navigated us through business ventures, including consulting agreements with Loblaws, book publishing contracts with Random House, and dispute resolutions with third parties, as well as multi-generational estate planning for our family, and strategic business planning. He has been an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance with respect to the legal system and legal issues. David understands people better than anyone we know.

There is no question that David will be of great value to anyone dealing with a legal issue. He knows the system, he knows the issues and he knows the hidden pitfalls that clients can fall into if not properly advised or prepared.

David has the perspective that only experience and an innate understanding of people can bring to a problem.

Barbie and Brian Casselman
Barbie Casselman Inc.; Casselman & Co.


» “I'm glad to have David in my corner and highly recommend his services.” – Michael J. Halbert, Businessman

Over many years, David has provided me with strategic legal advice across a broad spectrum of issues. I trust David implicitly and know him to be intelligent, capable, thorough, passionate, attentive and a resourceful steward. I'm glad to have David in my corner and highly recommend his services.

Michael J. Halbert


» “Contract, Licensing, Estate Planning…” – David B. Fingold, Entrepreneur

l have known – and sought the advice of – David Himelfarb for over 25 years. David is smart, savvy and a straight shooter. His overview of a legal problem combines a thorough analysis of the legal issues, the players involved and the relevant practicalities applicable.

With David's inclusive approach, a client knows all the important Issues that they will face as they move toward accomplishing their business and legal goals. 

Whether negotiating a contract or a complicated licensing agreement, or helping with estate planning, David has proved to be of great assistance and comfort to me over the years. 

I am really pleased to have the opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend David and his sage advice to any potential client.

David B. Fingold


» “Consumate professional” – Paul Rostrup, Toronto

David has assisted me in legal matters on numerous occasions for over 20 years. 

Whether in corporate commercial matters relating to banking, real estate or other business, David has been the consummate, attentive professional.

I believe that David demonstrates superior knowledge of people and the legal system; an outstanding  combination.  David has been of great value to me over the years and I would highly recommend him to anyone as a trusted legal adviser when facing a legal issue or problem.

Paul Rostrup
Scotiabank, Credit Section


» “You are the most honest professional I have ever dealt with” – Anthony Zielinski

Thank you for your time and expertise.

You are the most honest professional I have ever dealt with.
You saved me thousands of dollars and a lifetime of legal frustration.
Thanks again.

Anthony Zielinski


» “Your honest advice was invaluable in me making a decision” – Cathy

Thank you so much for getting back to me right away.  Your honest advice was invaluable in me making a decision.

Your website is wonderful and the service you provide, in my opinion, is what is solely needed in your profession.

You are what us “lay people” need – straight honest answers without the legal mumbo-jumbo terminology that we don’t understand.

Again, thank you so so much.




Your brother. In law.

The David of d@vid is Toronto lawyer, David Himelfarb. Having, in his own career, developed a strong niche in Contract, Business and Real Estate Law, Negotiations & Dispute Resolution, David recognizes the benefits of seeking an expert’s perspective when facing any legal situation.

David’s insights into the legal market are fueled
by knowledge, experience, research and enthusiastic interest. He’s a fan... of the law.

This firm has been designed with only one purpose - to ensure those looking for legal help find the lawyer they need. If you’re looking for a lawyer, talk to David first. 



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Free? Why... How?

Simply, we wanted to offer a barrier-free service. With no cost to the client, it’s easy to make the decision to take advantage of the expertise of d@vid. With decades of experience in Toronto, we offer a tremendous perspective on the legal landscape and we can find the right solution for almost any legal need.

Unbiased and unaffiliated with any big law firm, d@vid is... Your brother. In law. 

Phone. Meet. Email. Coffee. (Definitely Coffee.)

There’s no risk, only reward. Call or use the form to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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