The Kids in the Hall Lawyer Goes Public

The Kids In The Hall might have created a sketch character like David Himelfarb if he didn’t already exist. Himelfarb was their lawyer and tour manager since the mid-1980s, and bunked with them on the tour bus. Fast-talking and prone to telling stories within stories,...

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Of course you should get it in writing!

There is no question that if contracting parties want to protect their interests, they should put their agreements in writing. The agreement does not have to contain any special legalese, but it should be clear and concise. It should describe what the parties’...

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Divorce and the Nightmare For Children of Divorce

Lawyers and the court system will NOT protect your kids as well as you can; provided that you are interested in their best interests and can act rationally. What is experienced by children of divorce in childhood resonates and reverberates into adulthood – and, not in...

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Fighting a Dispute with a Neighbour

Entering into a dispute with a neighbour can be as emotionally draining as fighting with family members. It can also be financially crippling and should be avoided at all costs. A neighbour is like family; you could be stuck with them for a very long time. I have had...

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Alternatives to Court Battles – Mediation

You have to be crazy or very rich to try to resolve a dispute in court. It is really akin to two people playing “Chicken” driving their cars towards one another, hoping that the other guy swerves. Very few cases go to trial or are decided by a judge. The fighting...

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