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Did you know there are lawyers who specialize in admiralty law? There are. And those that specialize in criminal law, personal injury law, tax law, municipal law, and many, many other areas. So when you need a lawyer, you need to be pretty specific to get the help you’re hoping to find. You wouldn’t want to talk to a copyright law specialist if you need help with a partnership agreement or a shareholders’ agreement.  d@vid has been designed with only one purpose: to ensure those looking for legal help find the lawyer they need.


We are pleased to share the comments of a client, who wrote, “Your website is wonderful and the service you provide, in my opinion, is what is solely needed in your profession. You are what us “lay people” need – straight honest answers without the legal mumbo-jumbo terminology that we don’t understand.”


With more than three decades of practising law in Toronto, d@vid has an expert’s vantage point in understanding attorneys all over the city. The unique service we offer is to provide a free consultation, take some time to understand your legal situation, and determine the best option for you. The idea is that this no cost consultation will put your mind at ease and ensure that you get the best legal advice.  If you find yourself about to enter the legal system for whatever reason, d@vid has a unique service to offer. When someone needs a lawyer, they ask a neighbour or a colleague, or take a recommendation from their brother’s squash buddy’s podiatrist. However, the law is complex and lawyers have different areas of expertise. Knowing who does what well is critical to finding the best lawyer for your legal needs.


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d@vid offers a service to help you navigate the system. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll assess your situation and help you find the legal solution that meets your needs. Finding the right lawyer in Toronto is not something to leave to chance. You should leave it to d@vid.


Consider d@vid to be your guide through the legal system. With 50,000 lawyers in Ontario – and almost as many specialties – how do you find the lawyer you need? You could try throwing a dart, but there’s a better way. d@vid offers a unique service. In a free consultation, we’ll listen to your legal situation and apply 35+ years of experience to find the legal referral to meet your needs.  Unbiased and unaffiliated with any big law firm, d@vid offers a clear perspective on the legal landscape. There is no cost to you for our referral services.


David Himelfarb, founder of d@vid, describes his new style of legal service, and explains that, while the website and the offering are new, they are built on 35+ years of experience with the law in Toronto. What inspired the new venture was people like you looking for legal help.
David says, “I’m a great lawyer, but I stick to my areas of expertise. For the thousand other needs you might have, I can refer you to the lawyer I would use if I were in your shoes. With three decades of practice in Toronto, I know the legal landscape. I know who does what well and I can share that information with you for free.”


When you need to find a lawyer, typically there’s some kind of stress or urgency involved. Whether it’s contract negotiations, home sales, criminal cases, mergers, acquisitions, matrimonial matters, virtually every area of the law comes with big consequences. The idea of d@vid is that we work with people to help them find the right legal representation to meet their individual needs.

If you find yourself about to enter the legal system for whatever reason, contact d@vid and we’ll get together over coffee to discuss your best choice for legal representation.

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