Jason Priestley shares some thoughts on the law

Jason Priestley offers some helpful insight on situations where different legal needs might affect your choice of lawyer and how d@vid can help.

Legal advice from Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald offers his manic perspective on the legal profession.

Humble & Fred talk lawyering with D@vid

Enjoy some fun as Sirus Radio’s Humble & Fred interrogate David Himelfarb (aka D@vid).

Ed the Sock has a thing or two to say about the law

Someone who you’d imagine would need a good lawyer, Ed the Sock, and his TV producer/writer creator Steven Kerzner share thoughts on their experience with D@vid.

Sirius Radio’s Canada Talks has a word with D@vid

The hosts at Canada Talks explore the legal realm with insight’s provided by our own David Himelfarb. Enjoy!

Meet your brother. In law.

D@vid has the experience to make sure you get the legal help you need.

Mark McKinney has something to say about d@vid…

Mark shares some helpful thoughts on working with his pal David Himelfarb.

There’s a better way to find a lawyer

D@vid has some thoughts to share on how to find the legal help you need. 

David’s thoughts on how to find a lawyer

Listen in as d@vid shares his thoughts on how to find the lawyer you need. 

A few kind words from Dave Foley

Sure Dave Foley may be an outrageously successful Canadian entertainment celebrity, but as he’ll tell you… you don’t have to be to access the savvy legal service of atDavid.

David discusses specialization in the law

There are many (many) different law specialties. How do you find the lawyer you need? Ask d@vid for help.

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